But God


A lovely and minimal decal to remind you to that God has a plan and you have a purpose no matter the adversity you may face. This high-quality vinyl transfer sticker is designed for your mirror, computer, windows, or wherever you'll see it most.

Color: black

Dimensions: 1" x 5"

Prep Your Surface | First, make sure your surface is ready for the decal. It should be a clean, smooth, and dust-free surface.

Remove From Backing | When you receive your decal, it will be covered with a layer of clear tape and will still be attached to a white backing. The first step to apply your decal is to remove the clear tape and the decal from the backing. Slowly peel the tape from the backing while making sure the decal doesn’t stick to the backing. If the decal does stick, use a credit card (or something with a stiff, straight edge) to reattach the decal to the clear tape.

Place the Decal | Next, measure and mark where you would like it before you place the decal. Once you are happy with the placement, apply the decal, starting with one corner and slowly moving to the opposite corner. If you rush this step, you might end up with air bubbles and even a wrinkle in your decal. A credit card is helpful to evenly apply pressure.

Remove the Clear Tape | Take your time with this step. Start at one of the corners and slowly pull the tape off of your surface. Be careful not to lift up part of the decal design. If it sticks to the transfer tape, put the tape back on the surface and use the credit card again. Smooth any leftover bubbles with a credit card.