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We began this study because we know how difficult it can be to be present for every word of conference. In case you feel like some if it slipped through your fingers—you're not alone—in fact, you're going to fit right in!! It's a LOT to soak in over one weekend, so let's take our time, who's ready?! 

Here’s what you can expect: A weekly email every Sunday morning featuring one conference talk with an insight from me or a guest writer (which I'm super excited about)! We'll also continue our affirmations and bring in a few challenges/invitations too! Then we hope you'll join the conversation on Instagram throughout the week because that's as close as we're going to get to feeling like we're circled on the living room floor ;)

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We may have left God’s presence, but we never wander in this strange land alone. And we may lose our way at times, but we are never lost to him. This fall, join us as we navigate this land together.

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OCT21 study | this week

I pray he'll use us

But when we look at the examples Sister Eubank shared in her talk, most of these great acts of service stemmed from small sacrifices. A woman with a sewing machine can bless a refugee in need of a prayer garment. A few spare cans of food can help a teenager feed her hungry siblings. We can “pray He’ll use us,” and if we act on the inspiration we receive, our offerings will make a difference. The Lord has asked us to feed His sheep. Most of us are in the position to only feed a few, rather than the whole herd.

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