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melissa tshikamba

We are so honored to have Melissa Tshikampabo Kamba Boggs, better known as Tshikamba, as our featured artist for the October 2021 General Conference workbook! “Tshikamba” is a meaningful name that connects the artist to the women in her ancestry. “Tshika,” from her middle name, means “gift” in the language Tshiluba, and “Kamba” is her father’s ancestral name.

Originally from Alberta, Canada, Tshikamba currently lives and works in the Salt Lake area. Her work is inspired by her passion for people, culture, and travel. You can recognize her characteristic gold accents and her thoughtful melding of nature and humanity.

Her stunning work can be found in the October 2021 Original General Conference Workbook!



We may have left God’s presence, but we never wander in this strange land alone. And we may lose our way at times, but we are never lost to him. This fall, join us as we navigate this land together.

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APR21 study | this week

bless in his name

Here's the thing though—sometimes we feel this pressure to perform or meet expectations. To not only be an example or magnify our calling, but to do so without error. We tell ourselves that only then are we of use to the Lord—when we've figured it all out, when we've perfected our calling, when our talents are polished and worthy to share, when we can articulate our testimonies with vigor and eloquence. And so we pray for this—and naturally so—because we fear failing.

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