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$18 / quarter (every 3 months)

This summer, we hope to convey the confidence and openness that comes with a life of freedom. The playfulness of an old-school summer camp in the mountains evokes memories of long hikes to the lake, handicrafts and hair braiding, and flannel that smells like sunscreen and last night’s campfire. There’s nowhere to go but wherever you want, and a marshmallow awaits you when you return. Enjoy this life. Ye are free.

The WRKWNDR Magazine is a quarterly faith magazine filled with inspirational stories, faith-building articles and advice, unique DIYs and activities, and supporting content for your journey of discipleship! Our hope is to bring beauty to the gospel, complimenting its timeless truths with intentional curated content and artwork.

Subscription Details
  • Begins with Summer 2022
  • Includes theme poster
  • Issues are processed and shipped quarterly
  • Cancel anytime. No fees.
  • Available to U.S. residents only
  • Shipping is always free

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