Always Enough


Those meager loaves of bread and the fish you have to offer—the verses you read with sibling rivalry in the background, prayers you have to keep starting over from the trains of thought that won’t stop, Sacrament meetings you sneak in to late, the take-out you dropped off to a friend that you fully intended to make a lavish dinner for...ALLLL those things that seem like there’s NO WAY they can “feed the thousands”. They actually can.

“You and I can give what we have to Christ, and He will multiply our efforts. What you have to offer is more than enough...” ~ Sister Craig

  • 1 PDF file of 8x10" artwork in 4 color-ways
  • 1 PDF file of 5x7" artwork in 4 color-ways
  • 1 PDF file of 4x4" cards in 4 color-ways (4 cards/page)
  • "How To Use This PDF" guide