The vision of the WRKWNDR Magazine was born from the idea to offer a place where testimonies could be shared in a variety of mediums. From poetry to paintings and personal essays to photography, together we will create a space where the beauty is as inspiring as the words shared throughout.
In short, YOU—your experience, talents, and testimonies—are what makes this so special. We are so excited to read your work, and grateful that you are trusting us with what you’ve created! Please review the guidelines and upcoming themes as you prepare to submit.

SUMMER 2023 | SUBMIT BY DEC. 1, 2022

"Humble seekers of HAPPINESS..."

The gifts and joys God has preserved for us are magnificent and many—we need only to look in the right places. As we seek true happiness as God intended, we find eternal truths. The more we explore and develop a testimony of God’s love and laws, the more “exceeding joy” we experience. The world promises pleasures like wealth, status, success, notoriety, and relationships lacking bond or commitment. The lasting happiness we gain from following the gospel–forever families, redemption through the Atonement, measureless treasures in Heaven, and security in our divine nature–is our birthright as children of the Father.



"Take unto you the ARMOUR of GOD..."

The best offense is a good defense.
As the Second Coming of the Savior grows nearer, the battle we fight against the adversary grows more intense. Though we know who the ultimate victor will be, we have been taught and admonished to remain defensive and stalwart. We will see casualties and experience failure, but we can still stand our ground and protect our souls and our families. If we take upon us “the whole armour of God,” we can remain strong through anything life throws at us.


WINTER 2023 | SUBMIT BY MAY 1, 2023

"Mary PONDERED..."

Mary, the mother of Jesus is a wonderful example of humility, obedience, and strength. She faced many challenges throughout her life, and demonstrated grace and level-headedness at every step. As the theme scripture suggests, “Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” As you prepare your submissions for this theme, consider the five sections of the WRKWNDR Magazine: God, Me, Us, Family, and Community. How can Mary’s example of quiet contemplation and appraisal serve us in each of these areas? How can we incorporate mindfulness into our discipleship as she did?



Every issue is given a theme usually inspired by a verse of scripture. While we appreciate submissions with one of our upcoming themes in mind, we also accept general submissions. Keep in mind we may delay publishing your piece if we feel it fits best with a later theme. Find more details about our upcoming themes below.

We will also place accepted work in one of five sections: For God, For Me, For Us, For Family, or For Community. If you have a preference for where you piece will live, please make note of that in the form.


We accept a variety of written and visual work, including poetry, personal essays, informational articles, experiences, photography, and art that relate to our issue theme. Generally, our articles run 300-1000 words, although we may make exceptions for outstanding work.

We are looking for original, unpublished work. This includes work published on personal blogs and social media. However, if you have previously written or created a piece that you feel strongly would fit the given theme and add great value to the issue, we are open to reviewing it!


Please submit all written work as a Google Doc or Word document. Artwork may be submitted as .pdf, jpeg, or .png no larger than 25MB. Please submit files titled as follows [Name_Title_SeasonYear].

If you need to cite sources, please use Chicago Style with footnotes. Purdue has a great free resource. The Church also has a style guide that can help with citation questions.

Your piece may require editing for length or clarity. Edits will be done in Google Docs and will need to be returned within one week after receiving them.


We will only publish work that is consistent with the standards and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We will not publish work that features profanity, disrespect to Church leaders, etc.


If you have a specific theme in mind, take note of the submission deadlines for each issue. We will respond to all submitters. Please allow up to six months for a response.


Accepted submissions receive compensation and a complimentary copy of the Collective. Editorial and artistic submissions are compensated for. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at


I’m not a writer but I have a great story. Should I still submit?

YES! If your story resonates with our editorial team, we can work with you to shape your piece into a strong article.

Can I submit to more than one issue?

Feel free to submit to multiple themes. Bear in mind that we do like to feature a variety of voices, so if you had a piece chosen for the last issue, we might not use your work in the issue immediately following.

I have an article idea but it doesn’t fit with any of your themes. Should I still submit?

Yes! There is an option on our submissions form to submit under “General.” When you submit to General Submissions, we take note of your work and its themes and look for an issue where we think it will flow well with our content.