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First of all, THANK YOU for your patience as I finally pulled this all together!! I was thrilled that you were as excited as I was about these darling yarn rainbows! You can find the original post here.

Long story short, I decided to make these with our Activity Days girls and they turned out so darling I HAD to share!! But more than just a blog post/tutorial, I couldn't help myself and I've also gathered all the supplies to create DIY Yarn Rainbow Activity Kits!! Everything you need, in the right amount, with curated colors, all prepped and ready to create!!

And I haven't even shared the best part!! More than just darling little rainbows, these can become great reminders and carry beautiful symbolism.

Rainbows can encourage us to endure our trials with patience, knowing there is beauty and joy just around the corner. Or the gift of repentance and the feeling of being clean again, "as earth right after rain". I choose to share Pres. Nelson's words, "[We] can be happy in every circumstance. The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives.” We talked about how we can choose LOOK for rainbows when it rains. Choose to seek joy in our trials. And choose Him.

This is a perfect DIY activity for every occasion and all crafting abilities. For ages 8 and up (ages 8-10 may require a helping hand when gluing). One rainbow takes about 30-40 minutes from start to finish.

Ok ok, let's get started!! Here is a list of all the supplies you'll need, and you can find them all here in our Amazon shop!

Supply List:


There are 4 layers to your rainbow, cut your rope to the lengths shown below:

  • Layer 1: 6"
  • Layer 2: 7"
  • Layer 3: 8"
  • Layer 4: 9"

TIP: If you have young crafters or a shorter time frame, you can replace the longest layer (9”) with a 5” layer as your shortest. This can help the activity go by a bit quicker.


Select which colors you would like in your rainbow, and which layer they will be. Any DK or worsted weight yarn will do, but here is a great selection of 100% cotton yarn (our favorite), or can also use this acrylic variety to save some $$$!


Start each wrap by pointing yarn end in the direction you will wrap. Begin to wrap around itself, starting 1” from the end of the rope.

This will hide the yarn’s end and give a nice clean start to your layer.

Continue to wrap yarn around the rope, making sure each wrap up is up against the previous one to hide the rope.

TIP: If you see any gaps as you go along, just slide the wraps in tighter and keep going.

Wrap until there is 1” of rope still showing, then cut the yarn with at least 6” remaining. Proceed to this step for each of your layers.

Line up the tucked ends, then form your rainbow. Now you can see if any layers need more or less wraps. Make any adjustments needed so the colors line up. In the photo above, the navy layer needs a few more wraps.

TIP: Don't stress if you can't get them to line up perfectly, it still comes together beautifully in the end!


For each layer, thread the end of the yarn through a blunt needle, then insert back underneath the first 1/2” of wraps. Pull all the way through, just until that first wrap is tight. Trim excess, and hide the end.


Now you will connect the layers using hot glue and a hot glue gun. This is also what forms your rainbow so make sure to hold in the desired shape while the glue drys. Only a thin line of glue is needed to connect and keep layers in the arched shape. Too much glue will seep through and show between layers.

TIP: It works best to glue half of a layer, form, hold to dry, then glue the second half. Repeat for each layer.

Using the blunt needle, unravel the rope to create your fringe. Start at the end and work your way up to meet the colors.


If you want a clean edge on your fringe, trim the excess in an even line.


Take your 12” strand of twine and tie the two ends together. Then find a gap, or make one, in the center just below the top layer. It might help to use the blunt needle to pull the twine through.

TIP: You can use a fine tooth comb to brush through and help straighten fringe.


Then loop it through itself and pull tight! You're finished! Now give your rainbow meaning! Decide what your rainbow will represent and remind you of each time you admire your work!

We LOVE to see how you guys are using these darling rainbows and reminder, share with us on Instagram and tag @work.and.wonder!

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  • These are adorable! Did you use 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch rope?

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