Week 14 | Christ: The Light that Shines in the Darkness

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Christ: The Light that Shines in the Darkness by Sharon Eubank

Content by Elizabeth Shideler

My husband and I received an answer to a prayer recently, one that was not easy to pray for. We attended the temple, counseled with one another, and prayed our hearts out because it was not a decision to be taken lightly. Without a doubt, we both received confirmation of what we needed to do. Even with a clear answer and knowing this was what the Lord wanted for our family, it was not easy to accept, but our desire was to serve the Lord and that meant taking a leap of faith. The more I thought about His plan for us, the more peace I felt knowing that He would make it possible and things would work out.

Fast forward months later, and what we thought the Lord had in store for us did not come. The doubts began to flood my mind: Did I misinterpret what the Spirit told us? Was I not faithful enough? Why did He have us take this path? My doubts slowly brought darkness and I found myself questioning my Heavenly Father: “Are you really there? Did you really hear and answer our prayer?”

Sister Eubank explains how “[Satan] works to dim our light, short-circuit the connection, cut off the power supply, leaving us alone in the dark.” Those questions and doubts I had were dimming the light of faith that had once shined so brightly when we first received our answer.

How do any of us, regardless of what trial we are facing, find that light again when it begins to dim in our lives?

We need to “develop our assurance (or sometimes our hope) in the evidence of things not seen. Assurance comes in ways that are’t always easy to analyze, but there is light in our darkness.” There IS light in darkness and I found it during that difficult time by focusing on what I knew with surety: He is there for me, He loves me, and He knew the pain I was feeling because He has felt it too. He was there and He had, in fact, answered our prayer. This was still part of His plan for us. Those questions and doubts didn’t completely go away, but they didn’t hold nearly as much weight as the comfort and peace I received when I focused on these truths.

If we ever find our light dimming, I testify as Sister Eubank states, just “take a few more steps on the covenant path, even if it’s too dark to see very far. The lights will come back on.”



Christ promises us, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

This week, let’s focus on bringing more light— more Christ— into our lives. Ponder at the beginning of the week something you’ve been struggling with— something that has been weighing on you and possibly bringing darkness into your life. Then choose one thing you can do to make Christ more of your focus this week. Small steps toward Him will make a difference. Record in your journal at the end of the week how Christ has given you “rest”.


This week’s Come, Follow Me lesson asks if we have ever had a “spiritual experience and later doubted what we felt or learned”. This week, ponder an experience you have had where you found yourself in a darkness of doubt. How did you find light through that trial? Record in your journal your experience and testimony of how you overcame those doubts.


Sister Eubank explains that it’s hard to get the lights back on by ourselves— we need one another to help lift us up out of that darkness. Pray and observe your sisters this week: What are some of the trials they are facing? Is there something specific you can do to help bring light into their lives?

Share your testimony on this talk and this quote with her: “The Lord knows how hard you are trying. You are making progress. Keep going. He sees all your hidden sacrifices and counts them to your good and the good of those you love.” Instead of asking her if there's something you can do to help, follow the prompting of the Spirit for what you can do and follow through with it.


Download and print this graphic to tape up near a light source or next to a light switch in your home this week. Whenever you walk into a room and turn on the light, let this picture be a reminder to you that Christ is the true source of light in our lives.


This week's Come, Follow Me lesson shares a talk by Elder Ronald A. Rasband entitled "Lest Thou Forget." He spoke directly to my heart with the importance of not forgetting the spiritual experiences we have when prayers are answered. He shares the importance of recalling those times we left the Spirit when we are going through a storm of doubt. This is a must read! 

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