Week 8 | Watchful unto Prayer Continually

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Watchful unto Prayer Continually by David A. Bednar

Content by Kasee Bailey

"Jesus Christ was the greatest teacher who ever taught,” said Spencer W. Kimball. 

Yet even with His inexhaustible divine wisdom, Jesus taught in striking — and simple — ways, speaking “many things unto [the people] in parables.”

When his disciples asked why he taught in this manner, the Savior explained that those who heard his parabolic teaching were able to understand those principles they were prepared to receive. He tailored His tutoring to the spiritual readiness of the the pupil, using parables to both reveal and conceal.

Many principles and applications could be drawn from the Savior’s parables, even when He used simple allegories, images, or objects to teach. Because they were relevant and resonant to his audience, they were simple and powerful lessons — and we still learn from the Master’s parables today.

Whether he was painting a picture about a lost coin, a mustard seed, or leavened bread, Christ was demonstrating an important principle: everyday moments can be powerful teachers — if we’re spiritually prepared to receive the lessons.

In this talk, Elder Bednar said: “Each of us should look for the lessons and warnings found in the simple events of everyday life. As we seek for a mind and heart open to receive heavenly direction by the power of the Holy Ghost, then some of the greatest instructions that we can receive and many of the most powerful warnings that can safeguard us will originate in our own ordinary experiences. Powerful parables are contained in both the scriptures and in our daily lives.”

Elder Bednar and his wife learned an important lesson about the tactics of the adversary while watching African wildlife. Perhaps an important lesson we need to learn will manifest itself during a sporting event, an exchange with our children, or on a day at the office. The Godhead can teach us in the moments of everyday life — are we prepared?

Do we look at our daily happenings as opportunities for learning? Do we study our lives and experiences for Heavenly guidance like we do the scriptures? Are we open to recognizing the Holy Ghost’s influence and teaching in ordinary experiences? The Master teacher continues to use parables in our day — in our individual lives.


I am teachable, allowing the Lord to mold me through everyday experiences.


Start using a journal to record daily experiences. At the end of a week, look back. Were there lessons that the Spirit was trying to teach you through your everyday experiences?


People respond better to personal experiences. When you see the Lord teaching you through everyday moments, share those lessons with your ministering sisters or brothers. Encourage them to notice the lessons in everyday.


Teach a simple parable using a common household object that would resonate with your family members.


Here is a printable with a quote from Elder Bednar's talk to remind you of the way simple, everyday experiences can teach you about the gospel. 

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