Week 5 | Spiritual Capacity

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Spiritual Capacity by Michelle Craig

Content by Audra Elkington

Last October, as I sat listening to Elder Quentin L Cook describe the new “home centered and church supported” curriculum, I sobbed, feeling like an enormous weight had been placed on my shoulders. It had only been one year since my children and I had started coming back to church and I already felt like I had so much catching up to do. How could cutting out an hour of church each week possibly help with such an enormous task? I was doubtful that the objectives of the program would be met in my home. This most recent October, as Sister Craig started talking about four ways to increase our spiritual capacity, the past year of Come Follow Me failures and successes flashed through my mind. 

The first lesson I learned while trying to figure out how to make Come Follow Me work for my family is right in line with Sister Craig's suggestion to be intentional about making space to hear God. I became overwhelmed early on with how many supplemental materials are floating around. And while they are amazing and work for so many families, I had to turn all the noise off and focus on what would be most beneficial for my own family. Sister Craig said “These distractions can so occupy our minds and hearts that we leave no room for the gentle promptings of the Holy Ghost.” My mind became so frenzied with all that was out there, I wasn’t hearing the quiet voice whispering to me that it is okay for me to keep things SIMPLE. I know this about me and about my children. We thrive on simplicity. Once I found the quiet space to hear this truth, the overwhelm vanished. 

And then I was left to deal with the feelings of inadequacy I felt. Being away from the church for 5 years meant that none of my children knew much about the gospel. It also meant that I felt like I knew very little about the gospel. But, I know the Lord and I know that, as Sister Craig said, “He can use your ordinary skills to accomplish His extraordinary work.” In the process of choosing to do the spiritual work for myself, I have discovered that I am not ordinary at all. I have been blessed with unique gifts that allow me to accomplish extraordinary things WITH God’s help. In five minutes of daily, intentional scripture study, the effects of being more gospel centered at home have been many and far reaching. I see changes I didn’t think were possible.

At times, I know that we all feel we are inadequate for the task laid before us. But, as you “Trust God to lead you…seeing and doing the will of the Father becomes the cadence of your daily life..”

One year later, I no longer feel the weight pressing down upon me. Instead, I feel courageous and ready to walk the path that has been tailored for me.


I am willing to walk the path the Lord has set for me.

As I spend time creating quiet spaces devoted to listening to His voice, I will grow in understanding. As His voice becomes clear, I will act without delay. I trust and believe that the Lord will show me the next step so that I may become an instrument in His hands.


How is Satan trying to keep you out of quiet spaces? This week, try saying NO to something in your routine. Then in it’s place, use the time to read or listen to a conference talk, journal, go for a walk or simply sit quietly and see what thoughts come to your mind. 


I love how Sister Craig tells us to act without delay. Practice this with those you minister to this week. If you read an inspiring quote, text it to them. If you bake bread or cookies, drop off a plate. If their name pops in your mind, give them a quick phone call. Heavenly Father doesn’t do random.


"Receiving Revelation" by Kevin J Worthen


Asking questions and seriously considering the answers is such a helpful way to discern whether or not you're on the right path. Sometimes you may feel inspired to pivot or change course completely. Evaluating what is working and what is not is so helpful in knowing how to proceed. Use this journaling page to put your thoughts to paper and see where the Lord guides you! (Alma 5:5 is a great example of this!)


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