Week 3 | Be Faithful, Not Faithless

Be Faithful, Not Faithless by Stephen W. Owen

Content by Hannah Craner

Elder Owen started his talk by telling a personal story, but I felt like it was mine. My intentions are never to waste time on my phone, but I don’t know how many times I’ve started the day with plans to get things done, just to find an hour flew by without my notice. I’d wasted away the time I allotted to another priority, and now time has come to pick up kids, make dinner, run errands, and do all those items that a mom/woman/student/wife has on her docket. My life is busy, as all our lives are, and without dedication, it becomes easy to let these pivotal, spiritual nourishing moments slide.

Although it can be distracting, modern technologies are a blessing! I depend on Youtube videos to study for nursing school. We live away from most of our family, and social media allows us to connect with our loved ones. I also use it for spiritual nourishment and gospel study. I love reading my scriptures on the Gospel Library. I delve more deeply into my Come Follow Me study though podcasts and articles. I read books, listen to beautiful music, and am inspired by others living the gospel and raising their children in gospel-centered homes. 

Last year, many of us participated in a 10-day social media fast after an invitation from our dear prophet, President Nelson. I remember thinking it would be easy! But, two days in, I found myself mindlessly opening social media apps. I had to delete them off my phone to complete the challenge! I had no reason for opening the app – It was just a habit. The biggest eye opener for me during that 10 day challenge was that I was using these apps without purpose.  

I’ve realized that in my busy life, I must do everything with intent. In order for me to find time for spiritual nourishment, I need to be present. I actually set aside time to be present with my phone and social media. I set aside time to be present with my nursing school work. I set aside time to be present with my 5 children and my husband. I set aside time to be present with Heaven. I find that when I know I have time allotted to these items, I don’t waste it. Social media can be positively impactful and manageable. My relationships are stronger because my loved ones have my undivided attention. Revelation comes easier, because my focus is true. Knowing that I have a planned time for each responsibility allows me to not be distracted during the time allotted for spiritual nourishment.


I am a daughter of God who is working to build a strong relationship with my Savior through daily spiritual nourishment. I know how to speak to my Heavenly Father through prayer, and I listen to His answers through the scriptures and words of His prophets. I am a believer of Christ and of His atonement. I know He speaks to us when we make Him a priority and seek Him.


How do you need to organize your time so you can get adequate spiritual nourishment? We don’t all operate the same. Scheduling out each hour may not jive with you. Maybe adding “connect with heaven” to your to-do list would work better? Or a post it note over your phone face asking yourself “Did you think to pray?” Choose one way to make daily spiritual nourishment a priority by adding it on your schedule.


Elder Boyd K Packer told of a herd of deer who were trapped because of heavy snowfall. They were given hay, a diet they weren’t used to, and sadly didn’t survive the winter because the hay filled them without nourishing them. As you think of those you minister to this week, prayerfully think of a scripture, quote or thought you could send them or discuss with them. Help those you minister to be fed with spiritual nourishment and connect with heaven.


Brigham Young said, “Time is all the capital stock there is on the earth. . . . If properly used, it brings that which will add to your comfort, convenience, and satisfaction. Let us consider this, and no longer sit with hands folded, wasting time.” In the Provident Living manual published by the Church of Jesus Christ, they list five steps you can take each day to use your time well. This printable utilizes those five steps. Be sure to allot time for spiritual nourishment!

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