Week 22 | Prepared to Obtain Every Needful Thing

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Prepared to Obtain Every Needful Thing by David A. Bednar

Content by Hannah Craner

After attending a session at our beautiful Las Vegas temple, my husband and I sat on the hillside grounds and looked down at the sparkly lights of the city below. It was easy to spot from the temple. The spirit that resides at the temple is a stark contrast to the feelings that we have when walking the Las Vegas Strip. Although we could see the worldly, flashy city from our beloved temple, we had no desire to leave that sacred place.

On a different day, we were out to dinner in a restaurant on the strip. When we were eating, our view of the mountainside was obstructed. We tried to locate the temple on it, but we couldn’t see the beautiful building. The light and peace we knew that belonged to one of our favorite places was dulled and blocked by the loud, boisterous, obnoxious and flashy scene that surrounded us.

When I was reading Elder Bednar’s words, I couldn’t help but reflect on these two moments. Our home should be a refuge, a place where we can easily feel the Spirit and learn of our Savior. A place that would encourage testimony-building and faith. A place where, even though we notice and see the world around us, we can feel love. We are asked to make our homes the primary source of learning. The church will support us in these efforts.

A few months after the Come Follow Me program began, I was asked to sub in primary. I sat in a class full of darling 7 year olds. My teaching partner began by asking, “Tell me what you learned with your family this week!” A sweet little girl raised her hand and told us the stories she and her family had read in the Bible. She seemed to know every detail and name. I was thoroughly impressed with her parents. It was obvious they put a lot of effort teaching this child the stories of Jesus. During another child’s turn to share, he told us he didn’t know any stories. My partner, being the amazing teacher that she is, asked him what he DID know about Jesus. He then told us that Jesus is nice and wants us to be nice too. I remember thinking, “YES! This is ALSO what we need to teach our children!” Amazing parents – teaching their child the character of our Savior and how to be like him.

Being responsible for our own testimonies and the teaching of our families can feel overwhelming. I know I’ve had my own feelings of inadequacy and even failure. But, I also know that God will strengthen me as I try. Our nights doing “home church” look different every day. Sometimes, it’s reminding the kids to be kind, like the Savior, on the way to school. Sometimes, we delve into the scriptures and the stories within. The most important thing is that our children know that we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, and we testify of Christ in our home, and that they can feel His spirit when they are here.



I challenge you to reflect on the learning in your home. What can you do to make your home more of a refuge from the world? What can you do to help you or your children gain a stronger testimony of the Savior? I know that the Lord will magnify our efforts in this as we ask him these questions in humility.


In 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, Paul teaches us, “Come out from among [the unrighteous], and be ye separate.” Having a Christ-centered home full of learning, teaching, living and becoming like Christ, we separate ourselves from the world. In a world that is increasingly wicked, being a follower of the Savior makes us more and more separate and different. But, being separate doesn’t mean that we don’t love those who are different. The Savior teaches us to love all His children, and then be an example of the believers.


Personally, or as a family, list some ways that you can make your home a refuge from the world. How could you improve your study? What things are creeping into your home that aren’t worthwhile and might be discouraging the spirit from residing there? What sacrifices could you or your family make to ensure that we are separate from the world?


When we minister, we can support each other in our learning about the Savior! When you listen to a talk that touches your heart, send it on to the sister to whom you minister. When you gain a new understanding of a scripture, share it during Sunday School. The best ministering moments come when we uplift and enlighten each other to gain a closer relationship with Christ. Sharing our testimonies and our love for learning about Him can inspire others to seek Him as well.



One of the steps we took this year to make our home a refuge from the world was to add items to each room that would remind us of the Savior. We did this through artwork, quotes, and pictures. Each room of our home has an image that reminds us of who we are, where we are from, and where we want to be. This quote, taken from Elder Bednar's talk, reminds us of our goal to become like the savior through learning about Christ and living His gospel. It would be beautiful printed and framed in your home.

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