Week 15 | Great Love for Our Father's Children

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Great Love for Our Father's Children by Quentin L. Cook

Content by Kali Toone

Elder Quentin L. Cook mentions a time during the early days of the church in 1829 when revelation was received about “a marvelous work… about to come forth.” (D&C 4:1)

Isaiah 29 prophesies about “a marvelous work and a wonder”, or the coming forth of the Book of Mormon.

The namesake of this business and mission says that today we are part of this marvelous work and we see the wonder when we qualify for the work through “faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God.”

I have worked with Rio for a while now creating content, designing, and working with the amazing people that make up this community – YOU.

Many of you fully understand the marvelous work you are a part of. You feel the Spirit, keep your covenants valiantly, share your honest testimonies, and set steadfast examples of righteousness. You teach your babies amidst the mess and chaos that is life. You persevere through the refiner’s fire coming out charred and scarred but somehow so much better than before and you share these raw, authentic stories to inspire others. You remain worthy to enter the temple as the adversary’s temptations pound at your door because you believe in eternal families and you cherish yours. You fight for truth and keep trying even when you sometimes fail, even though you’re tired, even when the gospel seems confusing, even when you are struggling to find that light again – but when you do, you invite friends and neighbors to get a glimpse of the happiness this gospel brings you!

Because of this, you witness miracles! Because of this you are the miracle!

These are the thoughts that came to my mind in the middle of the night. With a brand new baby in my arms I have tried to find ways to look forward to night-time feedings. Last night I read Elder Cook’s talk about charity and I thought of all of you. I thought of Rio who created this wonderful community for us, who created opportunities for us to really get something from General Conference and apply it, and who took a chance on me to be a part of all of this with you.

Quentin L. Cook specifically talks about how charity should apply to our missionary efforts, temple and family history work, and within our homes. Charity is a kind of love that is tolerant of others’ mistakes, that shows care even when others don’t necessarily do what we want, and finds peace amongst frustration.

The most charitable people I know are the ones I would go to if I needed help knowing they would not judge me and would be more than willing to help. In our homes, charity means teaching with patience and a prayer in our hearts. Charity means they never question who or what you find most important.

Do we live lives that radiate the attitude of charity? Do we do the work so we can see the wonder?


Last week, we were challenged to bring more light into our lives by turning our focus away from our struggles and more on Christ and recording the difference it makes.

This week I challenge you to take that focus of Christ and follow his example of charity. If you are struggling with someone, take this opportunity to write in your journal all the things you love about them or the things they have done for you. Pray to see them the way Christ sees them.

Or show genuine charity to your children by writing each of them a “love note” with part of your testimony, the wonderful traits and talents they possess, and the things you wish for them. I promise they will always cherish those words!


“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19–20).

This week’s Come, Follow Me study is about Paul and his companions making great progress in establishing the church by teaching the gospel, baptizing, and conferring the gift of the Holy Ghost among the people. That work continues today with all of us. It is a large work that requires conscious effort. This week, talk about missionary work with your family as you study Acts 16-21 and read the first section of Quentin L. Cook’s talk about how charity can help us with our missionary efforts. Maybe take this opportunity to share missionary experiences with each other and make goals to share the gospel with others.


“…sharing the gospel was based on a great love for all our Heavenly Father’s children.”
Elder Quentin L. Cook

Ministering is a form of missionary work so if you struggle to find missionary opportunities, focus on your ministering efforts this week in the form of charity. Think of one thing you can do this week to show charity and love to your ministering sisters. This might include writing them a note of gratitude for what they do for you or how they set an example for you.


You are a part of "a marvelous work and a wonder" so let this wallpaper download be the motivation and trigger to act like it today! Let this also be a reminder to be charitable in your actions with those around you as Elder Cook explains in his talk. 


Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Charity Never Faileth by President Thomas S. Monson
Love—the Essence of the Gospel by President Thomas S. Monson

If you're looking for a great gospel read, Pure Love by Marilyn Arnold is an amazing book!

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  • I don’t often reach out or write comments. Mostly silently appreciating the words I read here. While I have honestly enjoyed all the messages and have found value in them. Today’s reading brought me to tears and touched my heart. With hope and a lot of faith I’ve learned to trust the Lord through the trials of life…and even still there are times when the storm around is strengthening. I work to fortify myself and do the things I need to keep myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong. Reading Kali’s words as she directed them to me, instantly made a connection. We are not alone…and we are part of a marvelous work! I need to remember this!
    We are fighting a good fight and will not perfectly do it! It will be messy, we will have scars, we can do it together. We can love and support each other and show up for one another. Thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts and message.

    Tanae on

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