Week 13 | Beloved Daughters

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Beloved Daughters by Bonnie H. Cordon

Content by Sarah Gusky Kemer

Before I joined the Church as a married adult with twin toddlers, I was an atheist. I wasn’t open to religion until I could admit I was afraid to believe in God. One hurdle for me was the thought of a patriarchal God with no divine feminine influence. Because of this, the Latter-day Saint doctrine of Heavenly Mother means the world to me. She is how I opened myself up to Deity, and then many other important doctrines. Thinking of Her sacrifice of Her son Jesus is as touching to me as Heavenly Father’s sacrifice.

I believe strongly in the collective power of women. I attended an all-women’s college for undergrad, and another for graduate school (though the program was co-ed). The story of Emma Hale and the founding of the Relief Society is a huge inspiration to me. How early Mormon women used the institution of polygamy to build each other up, to educate each other, and to fight for women’s rights in Utah and beyond, is a model for us all to gather together as covenant-keeping women to build up the world around us.  And I’ve served (though briefly) in Young Women’s and gotten to see the collective power of covenant-keeping youth. They buoyed each other up and were a true sisterhood—all supported by equally inspiring, covenant-keeping adult women leaders. 

I see Heavenly Mother in our Relief Society and Young Women programs, so I’m deeply grateful to see Her included in the new Young Women’s theme. To me, it’s an acknowledgement of Her already-there presence. She’s there as a leader ministers to a young woman in conflict. She’s there in the joyous smiles of girls playing together. And She’s there as we adults step back so our youth can step up—particularly when that’s hard to do. When things get hard, when times are confusing, Heavenly Mother is there for us.

She’s there in our sisterhood. “I am a beloved daughter of Heavenly Parents,” and sister, you are too.


I AM a daughter of a Queen.


Find a way on Sunday to acknowledge Heavenly Mother in your life. It doesn't have to be out loud--keep Her in your heart if that's more comfortable--but notice and appreciate Her.


How can you best show Heavenly Mother's love as you support your Sisters?


Digital wallpaper with the opening to the Young Women theme. Feel free to offer this to your Young Women's group!

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