Week 13 | Abound With Blessings

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Abound With Blessings by Dale G. Renlund

Content by Lori Frost

Five years ago, our family packed up all we owned and moved from Provo, Utah, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We were excited for our new adventure and the changes it would bring— new career, new surroundings, new friends, and new culture. What we didn’t anticipate, however, was the cancer diagnosis my husband would be given just two months later. We were shocked and devastated.

For two or three days, I lived in a fog of fear, worry, and what if’s. What would I do to provide for my four children? Would I move back where we had family to help support and raise them? My fears became debilitating and it all felt too heavy to carry on my own. At that moment, the spirit taught me that I had a choice. Either choose fear, despair, and anger or turn to the Lord in faith. As I fell to my knees that day, Heavenly Father filled my heart with peace and gave me the courage to move forward.

Elder Renlund teaches us that, “our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ desire to bless each of us.” But how do we access the blessings They want to give us?

We have to strike the “metaphorical match,” light the kindling, and activate the power of the wood pile described by Elder Renlund. The first act of faith may seem small— like falling to your knees in sincere prayer— but that simple faith-filled action will trigger “blessings from heaven” that we so desperately need.

I want you to think about something for a second. Have you ever had a child ask you for something they wanted? Did they ask you once and then never mention it again? Or did they ask you over and over again, maybe even taking action to try and earn it or somehow qualify themselves to receive it?

Now think about yourself. When you need help, guidance, and answers, do you only ask Heavenly Father once and then forget to mention it again, or do you consistently turn to Him, asking repeatedly for the desires of your heart and then showing him that you’re willing to work to qualify for the blessings you seek?

Elder Renlund teaches that “ongoing, repeated, faith-filled actions are required.” To receive the blessings the Lord desires to give us, we need to be consistent. We need to take the first faith-filled step, even if we’re unsure of how things will work out.

“Sometimes we need to make a bow and arrow before revelation comes as to where we should search for food. Sometimes we need to make tools before revelations come as to how to build a ship. Sometimes, at the direction of the Lord’s prophet, we need to bake a small cake from the little oil and flour we have to receive an unfailing cruse of oil and barrel of flour. And sometimes we need to ‘be still and know that [God is] God’ and trust in His timing."

I know that God is a loving God who “delights to bless” each one of us, but it’s up to us to strike the match. We can access the bounty of blessings He has in store for us when we consistently act in faith and turn to Him in prayer.

Faith in Action

At the end of Elder Renlund's talk, he discusses the "potential energy" stored inside the scriptures and our "Come, Follow Me" study materials. If we leave them unopened, we let the potential energy stay trapped inside their pages. This week, I invite you to open up your scriptures or the "Come, Follow Me" manual each day. Study from their pages individually and as a household. Focus on the way it makes you feel and notice Heavenly Father's hand in your life this week.


In this week's "Come, Follow Me" outline, we read about being willing to change. Read Acts 8:21-22 and consider how we can make our hearts "right in the sight of God." What is one thing you can commit to do better in your life? Now think about what blessing you wish to receive from the Lord. Write both of these things down. Starting today, you can put Elder Renlund's council into action by taking the time to pray for your specific, desired blessing while diligently trying to improve and change to make your heart "right in the sight of God."


If you have a sister you minister to that you don't quite know how to approach or make a connection with, listen up! My advice is to stop thinking and start doing. Your first attempt to reach out may not be perfect or the most successful, but it's important that you do something. Send a text. Set up a lunch date. Find an open seat next to her at church and give her a sincere compliment. Stop by her home with a note or treat. Your small act of kindness has the potential to reach across the divide and bless both of your lives with a new friendship!


Download our "Strike the Match" wallpapers and use them on your phone! They can remind you of the thing you've committed to do better this week, or of Elder Renlund's encouragement to demonstrate faith-filled actions that will trigger the "blessings from heaven" we so desperately need in our lives each day!


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