Week 12 | Behold the Lamb of God

Behold the Lamb of God by Jeffrey R. Holland

I really enjoyed this talk given by Elder Holland. I feel as though sometimes we get so caught up in what topics will be discussed or if maybe a talk was written just for us that we don’t realize how much we really need a talk focused only on the Savior, until that talk is given. I felt so much reverence and respect for my Savior while listening to this talk. I felt the love of the Spirit and peace in my heart as I heard Elder Holland share sacred names of our Redeemer.

I felt much more open to the challenges Elder Holland gave us because I was filled with the Spirit, having just learned of the Savior first, than if I had heard “do this!” or “do that!” right away. Putting the Sacrament and our Sunday worship meetings into perspective, I now feel ready to write down some personal, weekly goals, and work towards them.

Growing up my mom never let us have candy, coloring books, markers, or toys until after the sacrament. I never liked that she did that but as I’ve grown up, and now that I’m an adult, I can see why she asked us to wait on what would be distracting to us until after the most sacred moment of our entire week. My mother would tell us that we could read the scriptures, read the words of the hymns or say a prayer and try really hard to focus on the Savior before the Sacrament and during, but we weren’t allowed anything else until after, and even then we weren’t allowed to have much to do during the talks. I’m grateful to my mother. She is an amazing example of putting Christ as the focus of our Sunday worship and to remind us to be respectful and reverent each Sunday during Sacrament meeting.

I may not have understood then, but I do now, and I stand behind Elder Holland as well. I know I can be better each Sunday when it comes to wearing my best Sunday dress, arriving early and focusing on my Savior as the Sacrament bread and water is passed to me. I’m grateful for the leaders of our Church who speak on our Savior each General Conference and remind us that he is the one who atoned for our sins and that it “demands our respect” each week. I feel motivated to try my best to arrive early each week, wake up early to get ready in my Sunday best, and to focus only on Him as the Sacrament is passed.

Faith in Action

I encourage you to focus on putting away all distractions until after the Sacrament is over each Sunday. I understand why my mother encouraged us to focus on the Savior and I feel that we could all try a little better to do the same. I encourage you to open your scriptures to a story of our Savior and his life. I encourage you to read the words to the Sacrament hymns. I encourage you to say a prayer to our Father in Heaven, thanking him for our Savior and his atoning sacrifice and anything else you are grateful for. Making an effort to focus on our Savior will change your perspective of Sacrament meeting.


In our Come, Follow Me study this week, we learn about how Jesus Christ directs His Church through the Holy Ghost and how the Apostles of the Church can teach us through the revelation they are given by the Spirit. It is first important to understand that this is His Church and not President Russell M. Nelson’s Church. The Lord called Apostles long ago, and today, we also have Apostles to lead and guide us. They are called, set apart, and given guidance to share with us through the Holy Ghost. I encourage you to learn how the Holy Ghost speaks to you and ask him to help you better understand something you may be struggling to understand. Through the Holy Ghost, and through our leaders, we can learn the truth.


Elder Holland touches on the hearts of those who may struggle to make it to sacrament meeting, or who struggle to be there when they are. Some weeks I don’t want to go, for whatever reason, and it’s really hard when I come back the next week and members are making comments to me about how obvious it is that I’ve been gone repeatedly or that they can never talk to me because I’m never at church. It can really bring me down and instead I just wish that someone would say they were happy that I was there, or that it is so good to see me. Bringing attention to the fact that someone isn’t at church takes away from the opportunity to serve them, love them, show them kindness and I think that’s exactly when we should step in and serve.

I encourage you to extend a ride to a sister (and her family) to church if they don’t have one. I encourage you to sit next to your sister if she hasn’t been to church recently but decided to come this Sunday. I encourage you to smile, hug, and extend a warm welcome to any member whom you notice has been absent from the chapel.


If you feel like sharing this talk to your social media, I highly encourage you to do so. I have had many experiences where a friend or family member have shared a talk and it just so happened to be just what I need. If you're not in position where you feel comfortable enough to personally share this talk with someone, I encourage you to share it to a large audience where that individual may see it. You could also simply share with your spouse, or a family member, about how this talk touched your life and ask them how they feel about it. How do they prepare for Sunday and the Sacrament? Do they often feel distracted or focused on the Savior, and how can you do better to stay focused? Maybe you could extend the challenge to them or share the printable worksheet to work on together.


How can I prepare for the Sacrament? Some ideas you could try are: getting up an hour early to style my hair or pick out my clothes, arrive 10 minutes early to listen to the music and think about my Savior, find a story about the Savior’s life in the scriptures to read while the Sacrament is being passed. You are free to come up with your own ideas as well! Print off this sheet each week to help you focus on preparing for the sacred ordinance and to learn more about our Savior.


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