Week 11 | Standing by Our Promises and Covenants

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Standing by Our Promises and Covenants by Ronald A. Rasband

Keeping it short & sweet today from yours truly, because only 2 more sleeps!!! But if I may, I wanted to leave you with this simple thought...

It isn't too late.

Something so special about this time of year is the spirit of giving and serving, inspired, of course, by the Savior Himself. Generosity and gratitude flow freely in our hearts and we are so willingly offer our prayers, time, resources, talents, etc. However something I've noticed in my own life, is many of these honest and well-intended offers are left at just that...good intentions.

Now guilt can easily creep in here and be quite debilitating, making us feel we are no good at all, especially when we see others turning their intentions in to beautiful selfless sacrifices. Why can't I just follow through with what I say I will do?

Friends, these sincere intentions do not come with an expiration date. Doing good never did. Sure, maybe the Santa cookies you planned to make for your lonely neighbor don't have the same charm after Christmas, but why not bring over a bottle of Martinelli's to ring in the New Year??

Do not let the guilt of what you didn't do this season stop you from all the good you can still do!

Elder Rasband reminds us that "Keeping promises is not a habit; it is a characteristic of being a disciple of Jesus Christ."  Strengthening a part of our character, or learning a new characteristic is NOT done overnight. It takes a lifetime of practice, so don't lose hope in your ability now, there is always time. In fact, a beautiful and fresh new year is right around the corner, how will your word become your bond?

xoxo, Rio

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