Week 9 | The Eye of Faith

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The Eye of Faith by Elder Neil L. Andersen

Last week, we participated in a social media fast to help lessen the distractions in our lives that can often times add confusion and dull the voice of the spirit. I have often felt this confusion and struggle against distraction in my own life. And as I’ve worked to lessen those distractions for myself I have found that the source of overwhelm for me extends beyond social media.

We have so much knowledge readily available to us. I rarely have to remember phone numbers or dates because it’s all on my phone. If I want to make a treat, I can quickly search for a recipe. If I get stuck creatively, I can scour Pinterest for inspiration. If my kids ask me how far away the moon is I can google it in a few seconds, and if I am bored Instagram gives me a nearly endless feed of pretty pictures and words to keep me occupied. Having so much information so easily available is convenient and helpful in many ways. But it can also make the process of sifting through all of that knowledge to find truth feel overwhelming and overly complex.

I am sure we have all sought to better understand truth, especially eternal truths. In my own personal search for answers, I often rely on this default method of turning to an internet search or outside source for answers. I can spend so much time looking outward and trying to dig through the vast amount of information and opinions available, even from good sources, that I sometimes get overwhelmed and frustrated. As I studied Elder Andersen’s words from this week’s talk, I was struck by how he describes seeking to understand eternal truths as a personal journey and invites us to seek truth in simple ways. Not by seeking outside sources, but by looking inward to ourselves and upward to God.

God is the source of all truth and we have direct access to Him through the Holy Ghost who can teach us the “truth of all things”. We don’t have to rely solely on the words or beliefs of others to discover gospel truths for ourselves. We don’t have to look outward and try to analyze or filter through the ideas and opinions of others. We can rely on our own experiences, our own study of the scriptures, the application of the prophet’s words in our own lives and our individual relationships with our Heavenly Father, Savior, and the Holy Ghost to find and understand the truth that we faithfully seek. We can each develop and use our “eye of faith” to sharpen our eternal perspective and gain a deeper understanding of truth.

I love knowing that the process for understanding eternal truths is an individual journey and that we don’t have to worry about making sense of all of the information and opinions around us to find find what we are looking for. That through “patience and an eye of faith” we will receive answers to our honest questions, gain spiritual perspective and expand our eternal view.

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Faith in Action

This week I challenge you to ponder the idea of seeking truth through "patience and an eye of faith". These questions can be used as guided prompts to help you gain a personal testimony of the importance of these qualities and to recognize ways you can apply them to your life.

  • What does having "patience and an eye of faith” mean to you?
  • What steps can you take to see with an “eye of faith”? Write these steps on the bookmark printable and keep them in your scriptures or Come, Follow Me manual as a reminder for when questions arise.
  • What are things that can help you have patience when answers don't come quickly?
  • How can knowing eternal truths help you in

CFM Connection

This week in Come, Follow Me under the section “The Savior suffered for me in Gethsemane” there is an opportunity to dive deeper into studying the Savior’s atonement by searching for answers to specific questions as well as making a list of your own questions to ponder. Consider using the steps you laid out for “seeing with an eye of faith” to seek answers to these questions.

Ministering Prompt

Think of a sister who may benefit from this message. Share with her what you learned through your own study. Provide her with the list of “Faith in Action” questions and a copy of the bookmark.


This printable bookmark is available in four colors and is a simple reminder of how we can find truth and answers to our questions. Feel free to add your personal steps for seeing with an “eye of faith” to the bookmark and keep it in your scriptures, journal, or Come, Follow Me manual as a reminder.
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