Join us for the OCT19 Study Program!


What a historical general conference, yet again!! We are SO thrilled to dive in to the messages as a community and squeeze allllll we can out of these inspired words from our leaders! If this is your first time joining us, WELCOME! We are so honored you're here, and that you share the same to desire to keep the general conference high alive! Our Wide-Margin PDF Compilation is quickly becoming a community-favorite tool to do just that! The study schedule is included in that PDF, but you can also download separately to follow along with us!

Over the next several weeks, every Monday morning we'll hear from members of our community that have prepared their thoughts and insights in response to these addresses. Because there are only 24 weeks until the next conference, we'll be highlighting just 24 of the 34 talks given.

This season we'll be doing something a little bit different to hear from MORE members of our community, that's YOU! We'll post a reminder on Instagram every Saturday night for the talk we'll be studying the following week. We'll invite anyone to send in their first impressions and inspirations from the talk, and choose a few to share in that week's newsletter!!

Here is an overview of what you have to look forward to each week, in addition to the beautifully prepared thoughts from our contributors:


Thanks to Jess Kettle and her divinely inspired idea to draw an "I am..." statement from each address, we are asking our contributors to do the same! You can either adopt theirs, or we'd encourage you to write one of your own to make the message personal to you and revisit it throughout the week! Watch Jess's stories (see her highlight bubble) to see her process and a darling template to share your "I am..." statements!


Each week our contributors will provide a simple takeaway or to-do so we can apply these messages to our everyday lives! These little commitments and intentional decisions can make ALL the difference in seeing these talks come to life!


Weekly ideas and reminders to reach your ministering brothers and sisters, connect with them in unique ways, and keep them in your hearts and prayers!


If applicable, we'll find connections between the talks and the topics we're discussing in Come, Follow Me that week! A perfect way to bring this allll together!


And of course, the free downloads!! Beautifully designed screensaver, study worksheets, prints for your home, and MORE!


As we begin this program, I'd like to remind you that you are ALWAYS blessed for any amount of time you spend studying these words, but you are not punished for time you do not. Do what you can, when you can, and be SO proud and grateful for the time you are investing in your relationship with Christ. These programs are not meant to ensure guilt or feelings of "I can't do it all!". Those feelings are not from God, and I just want to invite you to be very cautious of those thoughts and replace them with grace. Sure, it is always important to strive to improve, but don't let feelings of discouragement cloud the personal revelation that awaits!!

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