Her Mighty Works

We are so excited and humbled to gather as a community for our first ever Her Mighty Works--an opportunity to HONOR, LIFT, LOVE, and SUPPORT our sisters who are quietly performing mighty works everyday.

I've thought for several months how I could give back to this incredible community that has continued to support and cheer me on in this new business, but nothing felt quite right until God open my mind to this idea. Letting the community (that's you!) decide WHO we honor and HOW we honor them!!

Through our final week of orders for the OCT19 General Conference workbook, September 23th-27th, Work + Wonder will donate $5 from every workbook sold to our Her Mighty Works selected nominees.

We're inviting you to prayerfully nominate a woman you know to receive love and support from the Work + Wonder community because of their "mighty works".

This can mean works of faith through an ongoing or unexpected trial. Works of endless sacrifice through the journey of motherhood. Works of humility and selflessness as they continue to serve and put other's needs before their own. This is OUR opportunity to not only honor them, but stand with them as a community and bear them up along their journey. "Mighty" does not mean have to mean large or significant, but rather consistent and faith-filled when faced with opposition or doubt.

Artwork by Caitlin Connolly

We will then carefully and prayerfully select several women from the list of nominations and their gift will be personally curated to fit their specific needs at this time. It may include monetary support, a compilation of products to uplift and inspire, arrangements for a date night, or night to herself, etc.! We will work closely with the submitter to discover how best we can honor and support each selected woman.

If you are a small business and would like to donate product, we'd LOVE to hear from you! Please email us at hello@workandwonderco.com. If you have already purchased a workbook, but would still like to donate, you can send monetary donations via Venmo to @Rio-Grange.

We will also be holding our first-ever community fast for all the women nominated on Thursday, October 17th! We'll join forces as women in prayer and sacrifice and keep these strong ladies close to our hearts on that day. We'd encourage you to invite friends and family to join!

I truly believe our potential is limitless when we come together to lift and serve our fellow sisters. This is what it's all about. THIS is how we become His hands on earth, when we seek to ease the burdens of those around us, bear each other up, and give because we have been given much.

Thank you for being the first and having faith in this new chapter of W+W! We can't wait to see what it blossoms in to! Help up spread the word with hashtag #hermightyworks!

xoxo, Rio

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